Get Connected! 

Your relationship with God the Father is more important than anything in this world. Look at how God blessed Abraham, Jacob and David. Look at how some people in your life today are living blessed. Think about how He’s blessed you. 

In the Bible we read how people were blessed but we don’t talk about them being humans with faults. Abraham lied, Jacob tricked his father and David committed adultery and murder. Somehow, they all had something else in common. God walked, talked and visited with Abraham. Jacob wrestled with an angel. David had a repentant heart and he was a worshipper. 

Through their faults and through our faults it is important to go to God and get it right. It is also very important to keep that relationship strong. Talk to God, think about Him, tell Him how grateful you are and his wonderful He is. Listen to Him. Sing to Him. Read His Word. 

It would be hard for you to believe that someone loves you who never talks to you,listens to you or spends time with you. Think about how God feels. He’s constantly showing us with love and affection and just waiting for us to give some in return. Get connected to our God, Who loves you! 


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