6 Ways to Get Rid of Depression Over the Holiday Weekend!

1. Pray.  Start your weekend, end your weekend and all throughout the weekend keeping an open conversation with God the Father.  Ask God to keep you this weekend.  Ask Him to protect you and lead you so that you make the right decisions, go places and do things that will honor Him and keep your mind in peace.  1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing. Psalm 10:17 Lord, thou has heard the desire of the humble:  thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear:

2. Spend time with God each day.  Each day schedule an amount of time for just you and God.  It’s probably best in the morning, but make the time.  Put it in your schedule on your phone or in your computer.  Find a quiet place-in your room, the bathroom, your car, etc., and it with God.  You can pray, meditate on a scripture, listen to your favorite gospel song or hymn and just relax in His Presence.  Psalm 17:1 Better is a dry morsel, and quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife. Isaiah 32:18 And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places;

3. Do something that you’ve put off doing.  If it’s only an hour of your time, think of something that you’ve put off doing because times were hectic or for whatever reason you just didn’t do it and start it!  Even if you don’t have the resources, time or money start planning it.  Set a goal or a few mini-goals to achieve it.  An example: You want to take a trip to Italy and you still need the money and passport.  Sit down and write your plan to save and make a date to get that passport.  Talk to God about your plan and take the steps to accomplish it.  Maybe it’s small like taking a bike ride.  Get your bike out, put some air in the tires and take it for a spin.  Now’s your time.  Genesis 43:10 For except we had lingered, surely now we had returned this second time.

4. Enjoy some quality time with someone you really love or at least like.  Even if that person is you, take yourself out, pamper yourself, enjoy yourself.  If you are fortunate to have someone in your life who you love or at least like, spend some time with them.  Make it a point to listen to them.  Help them do something, ask if there’s anything that you can do for them.  You will feel great helping someone else. Psalm 18:24 A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.  Exodus 33:14 And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.

5. Prepare to return to the norm.  Take a few minutes each day and just set in motion all that you will need to get back into the swing of things, whether it’s school, work or looking for school and/or work.  Your being prepared will prevent you from rushing and getting frustrated when it’s time to return. Ezekiel 38:7 Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou guard unto them. Exodus 34:2 And be ready in the morning, and come up in the morning unto Mount Sinai, and present thyself there to me in the top of the mount.

6. Have Fun! Last, but not least.  Have Fun!  Do something that’s fun.  Think about how good God is to you and smile!  Laugh at a time when God helped you and you were being silly.  Visit a relative with a baby or toddler and laugh!  Play a game!  Look at a sitcom and laugh!  Psalm 126:2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and out tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them.  Proverbs 17:22a A merry hearth doeth good like medicine.

You can view this under our page…http://www.depressionnomore.care/p/no-more-holiday-blues.html

We’re praying for you to have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend!



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