Bad Things Will Happen…

Good Morning! 

This morning as I was driving I noticed that everything was peaceful and the earth seemed still. I enjoyed this peace with a praise. As I was thanking God everything felt so good and really right. 

I continued driving and I began noticing a lot of roadkill. I mean enough roadkill for a 20 minute drive! I was grossed out about it. I almost complained until the Holy Spirit dealt with my heart. 

You see even on our best days, terrible things sometimes happen. The other day, even in the middle of a tragic event, I found a reason too thank God.  While I was thanking God, I also had to pray about the horrible situation that had taken place. We don’t like it when things aren’t completely good, but it’s a part of the life that we live. 

When you are having a great time and things are going well, ENJOY it. The devil will try to throw a monkey wrench into things. He will cause problems to arise. Don’t let go of the peace that God gives you. Keep looking to God. Trust God to keep you. Bad things will happen, but we serve a God who loves us. Let Him love you through the bad. 


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