Press the Button!

In my dream last night, a particular scene stood out to me.  In the scene, I was in the backseat of my car (I can’t recall the last time I’ve been in my backseat).  A woman was in the front passenger seat and the car’s air conditioning was not pushing out cool air.  I looked up and noticed that the knob was turned for air to come out, but immediately noticed that the button wasn’t pushed to indicate that “cool” air was needed.  I spoke to the woman (she was unfamiliar to me), and advised her to push the button.  Her response was, “but it’s on”, (indicating that she had already turned on the AC).  I yelled again, “press the button“.  I then explained, “the AC works when you press the button”, “you have to see the light come on”.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, this part of the dream plagued me.  I began to pray about the dream and I tried to remember other parts of the dream.  I wasn’t able to recall anything other than this part of the dream.  I left it alone.  I drive to work with the windows slightly open and it became warm.  I went to turn on the AC and the dream became clear to me.

Press the button!  We say that someone is “pressing our buttons”, when they are aggravating us.  That aggravation causes us to react.  The aggravation that we feel forces us to change.  When the button for the AC was pushed the air changed and a burst of wind blew out!

There will be times when someone will press the button that will annoy you, depress you or aggravate you.  How will you respond?  How will you deal with it?  Will you change for the better?  Will you pray and ask God for the lesson?  Or, will you lash out at the person?

Maybe you are aggravated by people and situations daily?  It may be time for your CHANGE.  It’s time to change the temperature and the atmosphere around you.  God is trying to get your attention.  Stop missing the message.  Press your own button and change YOUR situation.  Change your environment, your surroundings, your mood, your employment status, whatever it may be.  Ask God to reveal to you what He wants to do.  Pressing a button brings an immediate change.  So make your change TODAY!

God gives us the tools needed to change for the better.  It will feel different.  To go from one temperature to the next is a drastic change.  It’s okay, sometimes we need change to happen quickly.  It’s only for your good.  Embrace the change and do it with God in front of you. Press the button!



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