How Are You Today? 

It’s Saturday. Most people have completed their work week. How did that go? 

I struggled to stay awake this week. I realized that I stopped taking my vitamins in June while I was preparing for my daughter’s graduation. My energy has been really low no matter what I do. I started my routine back on Thursday, so I pray that they take effect soon.

Today, I woke up in prayer. I thank God for that! Usually when I jump up into the day without prayer everything gets jumbled, stressful and confusing. I’m mentally listing what I need to accomplish today. I have a lot to do. This being one of them. I needed to post this morning. Without knowing what to post about, I’m posting my morning. I pray that this blesses someone. I now realize I must write my to-do list.  It’s a bit long. What are you going to do today? 

I don’t want to become overwhelmed by my list of things to do, so I’m committing my list to God in prayer. I’m already praying for the strength to get the most important tasks accomplished. In the process, I pray that I may bless someone today. God has always placed someone in my life to bless me (even when I didn’t notice), and my heart wants to be a blessing to others. 
So, of I go. I have to get ready to leave my comfortable home. I pray that you have a blessed day and that nothing stands in the way of  your happiness, I pray that you experience the absolute JOY of the LORD today!

God bless you. 


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