Suicide, I’m Saying, “Goodbye”

Suicide, I’m Saying Goodbye
Yes, suicide
I’m saying, “Goodbye”
You’ve fought a good fight
Oh yes, you’ve tried
I’ll admit it,
You almost won,
But almost won’t stop me
From saying, “Goodbye”
When I think of your game,
How you wiggled your way in,
All of the time you spent with me,
Playing a friend,
You spoke to me daily
And never missed a beat
Showing me who hates me
Replaying my defeat
Several times I trusted you,
I believed you with my life
Did as you instructed,
And tried to end my life
Even then you were pitiful
The pills made me sleep
The drinks made me weak
The marks from cuts were deep
Marks that remind me of your part
In trying to ruin me
You thought that you destroyed me
I thought you did too,
Even when there weren’t attempts
You were in my mind too.
You told me I was worthless,
Rejected and of no use.
I believed that all of my dreams,
Died while listening to you
Yes, I remember every lie that you told
The memory has taught me
To protect my soul
I remember when you said
I never could
And now I consider
How much stronger I am now,
I’m good.
Your pressure and stress
Had me in a mess
A mess that became blessed
Once I withstood the test
I gave God my mess
Yes, right, you guessed
The same mess that you said
Would do me in
I took it all and gave to Him
I gave God my tears,
My fears, my rejection
My disappointment
He took it all freely
And unlike you didn’t say,
It will cost me
Instead He showed me
How He paid the price
For my life
And was only waiting for me
To realize it
Now that I’ve given my life
Back to Him
My hopes, dreams,
And visions are back.
I can see clearly now
I am loved by God
I can do all things through Him
He strengthens me
He cares for me
His love has renewed me
No longer do I feel
No, Suicide
Our time together is done
My thoughts about myself are good
I’ve chosen to live and not die
I’ve chosen life over death
For my ashes I now have beauty
My mourning has turned to dancing
Times may get rough
But I am now determined to
Press on
Into newness
Press on
With my dreams
Press on
In this new life God has given me
So, Suicide…you see
I’m saying Goodbye
I don’t like you and
Don’t need you
Don’t talk to me and
Don’t walk with me
I don’t need you
Good Bye
Good Bye
Good Riddance and
Good Bye
©Dona Young, 8/13/14


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