My Letter to God…Racing Thoughts

Hello Again Father,

For the past few weeks I’ve experienced roller coaster emotions.  I’ve experienced enormous highs and not terrible lows but a lot of lows.  I’ve been super-excited about my newfound freedom and then I struggle with feelings of “now what?”.  So I will lay my cards on the table.

Thank You God for releasing me from the job that I held so closely to.  Thank You for releasing me from miserable mornings, days of being the blame for everything that went wrong in the office, the cleaner upper, the fixer, etc.  I thank You and praise You for the release.

The freedom that I now feel is spectacular and its further evidence in my life that you are a God Who truly answers prayer and that You care about me.

I’m grateful that I am now home and I’m finally able, for the 1st time in almost 25 years, to make my house a home.  Lord, please give me direction in this area, because You know I need Your help to turn this house into a home where You can dwell and my family can thrive.

I ask that You will be my focus.  Help me to keep my eyes and my thoughts on You.  My emotions are still unbalanced.  My thoughts run wild and race most of the day.  Forgive me for submerging myself in solitaire games as a distraction.  I often wonder, “what should I do now?”  I have many thoughts and I’m thankful that some are really positive, but Lord, I need direction from you.  Racing thoughts are not Your desire for me, I confess that I need the mind of Christ.  I confess that I look for distractions.  Please comfort me with Your Spirit, Your Peace and Your Love.  Comfort my mind and help me to focus on Your Will for my life.  I know that Your Will for me is to live in peace and in harmony with You and those around me.

Thank You for listening to me like You always do.  Thank You for loving and caring for me like You always do.  I appreciate you with all of my heart.

Your Child

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