It’s 2019!

My prayer for you is that 2019 is your best year ever!

I pray that you will receive all of the love, grace, mercy, communication, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, instruction, direction, peace, health, wealth and success that God gives.

I pray that you will find rest and peace of mind in God’s arms.

I pray that your home, your family and your job is blessed.

Don’t forget to Start Clean in 2019!Give yourself the gift of Unwinding in God for 2019!

9 Replies to “It’s 2019!”

  1. This is a good page to visit for the beginning of the year. I like how you wish your reader all the positive stuff! It feels me with so much positive vibes and energy and ready to see what is coming for this year. Thanks!

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    1. Thank you! I love to start everything the right way. I’m glad that this post had motivated and encouraged you!


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