Little Patience…

I have little patience for stealing.  To be honest, I don’t have ANY patience for it at all. Depression is a thief.  It robs us of the very existence that we were born to have.

Who am I? 

My name is Dona Nesbit-Smith.  I am a Child of God, a Wife, a Mother, a Daughter, a Granddaughter, Relative and a Friend.  I’ve dealt with Depression and I have loved ones who have dealt with depression first hand all of my life.  I’ve been severely depressed and I am now living a victorious life and I’ve gone through severe depressive episodes on the front lines with those that I love.  I see people everyday battle depression and I am praying, encouraging and giving the Hope of God to all that I can.

Why am I writing to you?

From my own experiences, my biblical research and from working with others, I know that NO ONE has to live in a depressed state.  It is not a position that one must take and accept.  Yes, we will feel down at times in our lives, but we don’t have to hold on to it.  It is my goal to encourage, inspire, educate and enlighten everyone that I can to be free of this terrible state of mind that cripples so many.  It’s Time 2 Be Happy!

How this page benefits you?

Depression…No More! is a declaration that frees one from the grips of depression.  It’s recognizing that depression is a form of mental bondage that attempts to block the blessings of God over our lives.  It’s time to believe God for healing and trust Him for deliverance in this area of life!

27 Replies to “About”

    1. Thank you so much Robin! I find that it takes a good attitude to deal with depression. It’s dark and overpowering, but we have the strength to step out of it, sometimes it just takes a lot of hearing, seeing and feeling the better in our lives.


    1. Thanks! I’m working on ways to discuss the many facets of depression and how to overcome them. I look forward to interacting with others concerning situations that they’ve encountered.


  1. Wow thank you so much for sharing your story. It is always comforting to know you are not alone going through hardships, so this will help many.

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    1. Thank you. My goal is for everyone to get to a point where they can acknowledge, “I don’t feel good right now, but I’ll get through this”. It’s so important to know that we can get through the hard days. Thank you for commenting!


    1. Thank you so much! I do get tired of the down days, nothing better than something to cheer us up again. I appreciate your feedback.


  2. I believe this will be an awesome site to help others! I also went through depression but now happy and has hope. Thanks be to God who gave us the victory!

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    1. I was in denial about depression in my life. I was then hit with 2 very dark and dramatic depressions that lasted too long and I decided to get help. In addition to my getting help, I have friends and loved ones who suffer from depression. I’ve studied and and continue to take courses how to be an effective supporter. I also learned to in addition to my education that faith in God’s love for us helped me the most and I see it working for my loved ones. We must be honest with ourselves when it comes to mental illness and strive for our better day! Thank you so much for commenting.


  3. What an amazing positive attitude to take! I love your positivity. This will help so many people. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you! Thank you! It does. There are so many people dealing with depression alone and with no hope. It’s my goal to help people overcome the pain and the stigma by showing them the hope thay can be found in God.


  4. This is a great post on depression. Depression really is a thief and does steal you life even your happiness. I have lived with depression my whole life but if you watch for warning you know you can stop it. Thanks for sharing this great post.

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