Start Clean in 2019! Pick-Up

Pick-up, Accept and Receive

Hopefully, in the past few days you’ve deleted, thrown away, lost and clean up somethings in your life.

Let’s replace and fill all of those areas with good things that will benefit your life.

Start Clean in 2019…Clean your…

Clean your…

You and I both have places and areas in our lives that need a good cleaning. What better time to clean than right now?

Start Clean in 2019… Lose

Lose some things that are weighing you down.

Let’s start 2019 on a good foot. Lose everything that doesn’t contribute to the great life that God wants you to have.

No positive contribution, lose it.

Start Clean in 2019… Throw Away!

Throw Away!

It’s always a good time to throw something away.

You will relax better once you’ve thrown the trash out.

Start Clean in 2019

Delete, Delete, Delete!

Have you ever gone to your email box and wondered how you could possibly have 2k emails?

Do you have a phone that’s run out of storage?

Are there people on your social media pages who you don’t recognize?

Delete it, delete them, delete it all!

Start clean in 2019!

Happy Father’s Day!

10 Ways to Deal With A Loved One’s Depression

What do you do when your loved one is depressed?

How do you handle the emotions that are felt and easily seen?

10 Ways

  1. Pray for their heart and mind.  Understand that they’re fighting a battle that is internal and the best way to help them is by bringing God on the scene so that He can work on them.
  2. Ask how much space they need.  Making the decision or knowing just what they need at the time that they need it is so important for what they’re going through.  It doesn’t hurt to ask simple questions.
    1. Do you want me to stay with you?
    2. Do you need a little time?
  3. Protect your heart.  Find or schedule some time to do something that you will enjoy.  Take some time for yourself so that they’re depression doesn’t overtake or overwhelm you.
  4. Listen to them.  Listen to what your loved one says and watch what they do.  Sometimes their actions speak so much louder than their words.  Answer their questions before offering your own solutions.
  5. Get them outside.  Whether it’s for a walk, a quick trip to an uncrowded store or just to sit and catch some rays.  A breath of fresh air is vital.
  6. Encourage them to speak to a therapist.  To have an ear that can sift through what’s going on on the inside helps all of us.  Take the ride with them to the therapist’s office.  Offer to pay the co-pay.  Sit and wait for them or silently participate in the session, if allowed.
  7. Offer your assistance.  Offer to help clean the house, watch their children, cook a meal.  Offer to help and really help.  Do something that they can see.  It will eventually bring a smile to their face and they won’t forget it.
  8. Check on them.  Call or stop by.  Let them know that you are praying for them.  Listen and look for signs of improvement.  Let them know about the changes that you see.
  9. Be patient.  Someone’s been patient with you, even if it was someone other than who you expected.  Patiently be by your loved one’s side until they get through this time.
  10. Believe God for their mental health.  Have faith that God will bring them through this.  They need you right now and your faith definitely makes the difference.  Keep praying for them and believe and trust God for the greatest outcome.  Your loved one will be ok.

One day you will both look back on this time and see that you’ve made it.  Stay in their corner, praying and encouraging them to get to the other side.  By the way, God will reward you for hanging in there!

10 Ways pin


Happy Memorial Day!

My (OLD) Skincare Routine…

I have a new blog called Still Sealed With Love. The purpose of this new blog is to promote my Celebration of Life and the products that I sell.

As you may be used to, my mission is still to encourage others to live the life that God has given to us. In addition to sharing my life stories, I am now a Life, Accident and Health Insurance Agent and Broker. I am also an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi (TM) Accessories.

I’d love for you to stop by and enjoy this time with me. Take a look, drop me a line and while you’re at it, take a look at this video that features what I do, by this Wonderful Woman. Rae Amari is on the rise and you want to be there to see and experience all that she has to offer!

My WAR Story!

W.A.R. Story!

It’s a #WAR Story Wednesday at #sheplants! (one of my FB groups), I’m here to tell my War Story that’s Real and of Resilience.


For the past 25 years of my life I have worked in an all-male, all-white field (of which I am neither). I began working in the industry as a teenager. I worked tirelessly, with a spirit of excellence that was rewarded by promotions, wonderful opportunities and awesome relationships.

A Blessing!

In the middle of the 25 years I switched companies (the companies are direct competitors) for an increase in pay. Again, I was rewarded as I was in the first corporation. This WAR Story sounds like a blessing because it was. My employment took care of my family. God blessed me in a place where I stood out like a sore thumb, where I met people everyday who did not want me. Instead of me feeling like the cactus (treated like so often), I was able to bloom like a tree and the fruit and branches gave my home provision. (I’m poetic 😁).
The reason that I compare myself to a tree is because throughout the past quarter of a century (yes, girl, Mama looks good for her age), I endured several storms. As I said earlier, women and color were not factors of my workplace, especially being a single parent. There were trainings that required travel (I never missed any in 25 years). I often worked 24/7 being on call, while raising my kids, might I add. If you are close to me, I’m sorry about the times that I left the table, or the room, to take yet another phone call, or worse, pull out my laptop.
Some people may say, “you had a job”! Believe me when I say that I am not complaining. I’m just telling my story. Did I mention the enormous amount of discrimination that I dealt with? Probably not, and unfortunately, that’s as far as I can go with that topic at this time.

I Conquered!

Yet, and still, I was and am blessed. I was able to accomplish so much while underneath so much pressure. I took it, I dealt with it, I smiled and oh, I CONQUERED.  I learned how to let my voice be heard. My work and my reputation spoke LOUDLY for me. Through childbirth, separation, divorce, child-rearing, school (both theological and college education), trials, tribulations, relationships, rebirth, courting, marriage and graduations, I made it!


Millennials are now in control (that’s what I’m told) and my time in that industry is done. I believe that God has new waters for me. Stay tuned as I write about it more in depth because there are so many stories to tell. I just wanted to share this war story with you to say that I made it!