My Letter To God! Sometimes It’s Me

Dear God,

Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that guides us into all truth. I believe Your Word that says, “the truth shall make us free”. I am facing some truth today.

Lord, sometimes, it’s me. There are times when I’m impatient, selfish, inconsiderate, rude, jealous and tired. On the outside I may not appear this way, but on the inside these emotions sometimes plague me. I confess that I am wrong for letting these emotions get the best of me.

I’m not always as strong as I can be. I realize that my strength is in YOU, which means I’m not trusting YOU like I should. When I don’t give my problems to YOU everything aggravates me, I lose control of my emotions.

Forgive me for not trusting YOU with ALL of my problems, All of my good times, All of my day. I know that YOU give peace when my mind is on You. I can handle the storms, the wind, the problems, the situations when I give it ALL back to YOU. It’s me this time. I can’t blame anyone else.

I love YOU God! I thank YOU for hearing me. I pray that You will help me to put YOU first in everything. Amen.

My Letter…Today Was A Sad Day

Dear God, 

Today was sad for me. I started the day with a headache, my house was not clean, my cat woke me to feed her. I couldn’t get out of bed, but I did. After going to the bathroom for the 2nd time in 2 hours I found some energy to read Your Word. Thank YOU for letting me share with others what I learned and letting me understand what You showed me. 

I made it to work. Thank You for traveling mercies. At work the headache moved into my back, neck and arm. Some things started going wrong. Work problems started and then the dreaded call. Things at home took a very bad turn. I ran to take care of everything that I could take care of as best as I could.  I blocked back tears thinking about how the entire week lead up to this point. God please help us! 

As I realized that I was helpless in a lot of ways I say down and dropped a few tears. I prayed and asked you to help us, cover us and bring us out of all of these troubles.  You have me the strength to go back and finish my work day. I accomplished so much. You helped me to get the impossible done, even with me thinking about home. When I would year up, I remembered that You have my back. 

It’s now evening and as I sit and process ask that has happened I really must say, thank YOU LORD for helping me through this very sad day. I couldn’t have made it without you. 

God, I still need You to Bless and keep my family. Help us quick, save us and deliver id’s that we may honor YOU. Bless my job, everything about it, my position, my boss, my department and co-workers.  Lead me and guide me to be all that You want me to be, in JESUS’ name. Amen. 

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